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1000 Series

1000 Series

UNICAN 1000 Series locksets are the best choice for limiting access to high-traffic, security-sensitive areas in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Ideal for locations with a high personnel turnover rate, such as data processing centers, employee entrances, hospitals and R&D labs.

Passage feature allows access without using the entry code (keeps the door unlocked, even while closed). This function is on the inside of the door and can be thumb turn or key activated.

Entry/egress locksets UNICAN EE1000 Series, provide the same pushbutton access control as the 1000 Series, but on both sides of the door. Each side accepts an independent code. The perfect solution for airports (between departure lounge and jetway), police station holding rooms, or any situation where two-way door security is required.

Key Bypass SymbolManufacturer
DLDominion Lock


 1000 Series Specification - pdf file

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