Door Checks

DICTATOR door checks noiselessly control the closing of doors. The door check will ensure, that the door will be held firmly closed and will not slam when shut. By making use of a DICTATOR door check, your door, door frames and windows will not be damaged anymore. The use of a door check also guarantees you that the loud bang, that normally follows after slamming the door, will no longer occur. This is certainly important at locations and buildings where silence is a must. (offices, hospitals, hotels, entrance doors in flats etc.)


Dictator Door Damper Animation

1400 Sepcifications (pdf)

1600 Specifications (pdf)

2000 Specifications (pdf)

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Door Check, #VS2000 Standard Spring 50N (Satin Chrome)

Door Check, #VS2000 Standard Spring 50N (Satin Chrome)

VS2000 satin chrome DICTATOR door check noiselessly controls the closing of doors - Approximate clos..


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