VS2000 white finish DICTATOR door check noiselessly controls the closing of doors - Approximate closing force 50N, 13-15lbs. The door check will ensure, that the door will be held firmly closed and will not slam when shut. The special design of the DICTATOR VS2000 having a uniformly square hook and body, appears to be a "one piece" unit when fixed to a door. As with the DICTATOR 1600 the fixing screws and cylinder are completely enclosed. Variations in the projection of the door or frame are accommodated by spacing plates that are placed under the hook when installing. As standard the DICTATOR VS2000 comes with a closing speed adjustment facility. Fitting can be vertical or horizontal with the 20N and 50N models. Horizontal fitting is not possible with the 80N or 115N model.

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300-511 Door Check, #VS2000 Standard Spring 50N (White)

  • Brand: Dictator
  • Product Code: 2000 300-511 (White)
  • Sku: 31931
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $101.25