Dictator ZE60 (14) door holder. Operation: The door is fixed in the desired position simply by stepping down the piston rod of the door holder. Depending on the model you step either on the rubber knop atop the door holder or the metal foot at the bottom of the casing. A small internal spring presses the foot firmly against the floor and prevents the door from moving. To release the door you tread the metal plate above the casing or in the bottom of the casing. The piston automatically retreats and the door again is free to move. Installation: When selecting the mounting position of the door holder, make sure it can easily be reached when the door is open. The door holder DICTATOR ZE should be mounted as near to the closing edge of the door as possible. The foot (ZE 25 - ZE 90: rubber; ZE160: metal) should be at the same height as the lower edge of the door.

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Door Holder, Dictator ZE60/ZE14, 60mm/2.4" Stroke

  • Brand: Dictator
  • Product Code: ZE14 Satin Silver
  • Sku: 31951
  • Availability: 2 - 3 Weeks
  • $52.43